Your privacy is important

As your counselor or group leader, I pledge to respect your needs for privacy and confidentiality. I honor the ethical codes of my profession as specified by the American Counseling Association, and I obey the federal and state laws that prevent me from sharing any information without your permission. Most of all, I want our relationship to be based on trust.


Exceptions to this rule arise when:

  1. clients disclose abuse and/or neglect, either currently or in the past
  2. clients pose a danger to themselves or others
  3. a court of law compels disclosure.

I may also discuss cases with my supervisor.

Confidentiality in Groups

In a group setting, confidentiality may be limited. I expect that “what’s said in group stays in group,” and that all group members will maintain respect for each other’s privacy and confidentiality. Again, there may be exceptions to confidentiality, as when a member discloses abuse and/or neglect or an intent to harm themselves or another.